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FIRPTA Withholding

FIRPTA Retention In order to ensure that a foreigner pays tax on the capital gain obtained from the sale of real estate, the law imposes on the buyer in the real estate transaction the obligation to withhold 15% from the seller (recently increased 10% to 15%) of the sale price of the property. This withheld […]


PERSONAL AND CORPORATE ACCOUNTING AND TAX PROCESSES: Our accounting and tax department is available to keep your company’s accounting records (monthly and quarterly) up to date and comply with all your tax obligations on time, for this we offer you, among others, the following services: Management of Accounting Books Bank reconciliations Payroll Sales tax Monthly […]

Virtual Offices

VIRTUAL OFFICES Virtual offices allow you to streamline your business; Start-ups and established small businesses can project a great image without incurring the expense of physical office space. In addition to serving as a registrar for your company, for an established monthly cost, we offer the virtual office service, which includes: Fiscal address: Your company […]


SALE, IMPLEMENTATION, CONSULTING AND TRAINING IN QUICKBOOKS® We are certified and authorized agents to sell and implement solutions to small and medium-sized businesses using the most used program in the United States «QuickBooks»®, our experience is proven to make the program work easily, economically and efficiently for you. and your business. We offer training plans […]


ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION OF ONGOING BUSINESSES (DUE DILIGENCE): If you are buying a business, we can advise you throughout the process, evaluating it and minimizing risks. For this, two types of analysis are carried out: 1) Economic-financial analysis: It consists of a detailed review of the financial statements, valuation of tangible and intangible assets (property, […]


PROCEDURES TO OBTAIN TAX ID, SALES TAX CERTIFICATES, ITIN: PROCESSED BY CERTIFIED AGENT BEFORE THE «IRS» AND «CAA» CERTIFIED ACCEPTED AGENT What does SU NEGOCIO MIAMI offer? Incorporation service and registration of your company in the Department of Florida, whether it is a corporation or an LLC. We also offer to do the corresponding procedure […]

Company Registration

OPENING OF COMPANIES AND REGISTRATION OF NEW COMPANIES: We provide the service of registration and incorporation of companies such as INC or Corp, as well as LLC, determining what type of company to establish is a very important step, we help you to establish the one that best suits your needs. Establishing a Corporation or […]