We are certified and authorized agents to sell and implement solutions to small and medium-sized businesses using the most used program in the United States «QuickBooks»®, our experience is proven to make the program work easily, economically and efficiently for you. and your business.

We offer training plans in our facilities or in your offices:

  • Personalized, individual or group training
  • We design the course to suit you
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Courses
  • Sale and Installation of QuickBooks®
  • Analysis and review to suggest improvements and optimize their use

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Online and face-to-face courses in Doral, Miami

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level

DAY 1 – Basic:

1. System introduction

  • How to create a new file (file) in QuickBooks
  • Open a new company using the step by step guide
  • Analysis of the company’s flow chart on the home page
  • Review of functions of toolbars, menus and icons.

2. Preparation of the chart of accounts – 45 mins

  • Creation of new accounting accounts and sub-accounts.
  • Edit and Merge Accounts
  • Removal and Spanish QuickBooks Course in Miami (Doral)
  • Account deactivation
  • Accounting fundamentals and chart of accounts analysis

3. Configuration of New Clients and Suppliers – 30 mins

  • How to create a new customer (Customer)
  • How to add a new job to an existing client
  • Enter detailed information in each job (Job)
  • Create a new vendor (Vendor)
  • Deletion / Deactivation of Clients and Providers/Suppliers

4. Article configuration – 45 mins

  • Understand the difference between Accounts and Items
  • Work with different types of items (services, inventory parts, groups, etc.)
  • Difference between inventory parts and non-inventory parts
  • Create articles and sub-articles
  • Editing, deleting and inactivating articles

5. Customer related transactions: quotes, invoices and customer payments – 1 hr

  • How to create quotes for specific clients and jobs
  • Issue new invoices from scratch
  • Origin an invoice from a quote
  • Receiving payments from an invoice
  • Deposit customer payments in the bank

6. Transactions related to Suppliers: purchase orders, invoices and paying bills – 30 mins

  • Create a Purchase Order
  • Receive a purchase order and post it as an invoice payable
  • Issuance of new supplier invoices from scratch
  • How to pay outstanding bills

7. Banks – 1 hr

  • Issue checks
  • Record of Expenses and Income through the Bank
  • Difference between writing checks to vendors (write checks) and using the pay bills option
  • Introduction to bank reconciliation

8. Introduction and analysis to financial reports – 1 hr

  • Profit and Loss Statement / Balance Sheet Analysis Balance Sheet
  • Modifying the view of a report (Columns, Orders)
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Reports
  • How to export to Excel and PDF format
  • Creation of comparative reports (month by month, year by year, among others)
  • Creation of most used reports (Accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, sales per customer, open invoices, etc…)
  • Using Company Snapshot

9. Question and answer session – 30 mins


DAY 2 – Intermediate

1. Company preferences – 30 mins

  • Include and/or remove operating options for the company file
  • Understanding the options and features in QuickBooks

2. Reconciliation of accounts – 1 hr

  • The importance and meaning of reconciling bank accounts and credit cards
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Make bank transfers with multiple bank accounts
  • How to work with the petty cash account

3. Management of clients and accounts receivable – 1 hr

  • Receiving multiple payments from clients to be deposited
  • Partial receipt of customer payments
  • Apply discounts and write off invoice balances (write off)
  • Using the Undeposited Funds account

4. Management of Suppliers and accounts payable – 1 hr

  • Difference between posting an expense on writing a check and using the bill payment option
  • Multiple bill payments
  • Partial bill payments
  • Payment of expenses with credit cards

5. Modification of formats – 1 hr

  • Use and modification of different formats (invoices, estimates, purchase orders)
  • Add logo and other options for formats

6. Tracking reimbursable/billable expenses (Billable expenses) – 1 hrs

  • When to use business hours and reimbursable/billable expenses?
  • Assign costs and expenses to clients/jobs
  • How to create an invoice for reimbursable/billable expenses

7. Quickbooks shortcuts, shortcuts and tricks – 30 mins

  • Tricks to enter dates quickly
  • Create Memorized and Recurring Transactions
  • Find Tool – Ctrl + F

8. Registration of accounting entries and opening balances – 30 mins

  • Record of accounting entries (Journal Entries)
  • Record of opening balances with accounting entries

9. Question and answer session – 30 mins

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